Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I couldn’t join the webinar on Wednesday 19 September, is it available on demand?

A. Yes, you can listen to the webinar on demand here.

Q. What is the Love Our Colleges campaign?

A. The Love Our Colleges campaign sees education unions, students and colleges coming together to call for better funding and fair pay for further education colleges.

Q. What is Colleges Week?

A. Colleges Week is part of the ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign and sees colleges across the country, along with education unions and students, hosting and getting involved in events to showcase the brilliant stuff they do, as well as to raise awareness of the funding challenges that colleges face. The week is focused around a national lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 17 October.

Q. When is Colleges Week taking place?

A. Colleges Week takes place from Monday 15 October to Friday 19 October 2018

Q. Who is involved?

A. The ‘Love Our Colleges’ campaign is a partnership between Association of Colleges (AoC), National Union of Students (NUS), Association of College and School Leaders (ASCL), University and Colleges Union (UCU), GMB, TUC, National Education Union (NEU) and UNISON.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. The best way to get involved is to use the resources on to plan your own, local activities in collaboration with you unions and students, as well as thinking about how you can support the national lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 17 October. We also need your help spread the word about the campaign to your peers and other partners.

Q. Won’t this make the public concerned about my college’s finance – it might impact recruitment/enrolment?

A. Schools, the NHS, the Police, the Armed Forces (and more) have all been campaigning loudly for increased investment and talking about the impact of cuts and it hasn’t had this affect. Surely it is more damaging to say nothing.

Q. If I campaign alongside the unions won’t it look like I’m endorsing strike action?

A. The UCU ballot at 110 colleges is closing on Friday 19 October. All campaign partners are clear that this action is distinct from industrial action. At the same time, willingness to address the issue of funding and fair pay by supporting campaign activity could help achieve a positive outcome with unions.


We would love to see as many people as possible to involved with Colleges Week. If  have any questions about the campaign, please email